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  • Pricing are to availability are VAT inclusive at the current prevailing rate.
  • We offer full ranges of services, packages and pricing, as detailed to our website.
  • All prices are subject without prior notice.
  • For Kyodo Sensu Elite Members, 5% off discount apply to original rates, VAT inclusive.
  • For Kyodo Sensu Elite Members, 5% succeeding discount rewarded as rebate.

Other Terms:

  • Using online payment via PayPal, Credit Card & Debit Card will charge 5% as transaction fee. 
  • VAT inclusive.
  • No sub-charges fees for transportation within our nearby areas.
  • For Outside areas transportation fees may apply depends on location.
  • 5% off Service rate discount to our Elite Members.
  • 5% off Service rate rewarded to our Elite Members.
  • To our Elite Members Claiming free massage is 100% off, only transportation fees may apply.