"The Lovelicious"

Height : 5'2"

Age: 22


Skills: Swedish, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Lingam, Nuru Massage


Be get reinvigorate in the state of calmness and relaxation with her caress. Shes humble, polite, futuristic and have sense of humor. Her therapeutic abilities will blow your mind that you never be miss. 


"The Boobsylicious"

Height: 5'6"

Age: 26

Skills: Swedish, Hawaiian, Lingam, Nuru


Get Excited to her one of a kind techniques can be nourish your body and soul. Shes very attentive, naughty and kind. She always valued the necessity of her clients and she will leave a legacy in your mind.


"The Ladylicious"

Height: 5'1"

Age: 25

Skills: Swedish, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Trigger Point, Lingam, Nuru


Be get pampered to her extraordinary massage skills. Shes very polite, thoughtful, naughty and trustworthy. she loves to deliver the best of her skill to achieve your expectations and satisfactions.


"The HotGirl"

Height : 5'2"

Age: 20


Skills: Swedish, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Lingam, Nuru Massage

Her expertise bring calm your body and can detoxify your stress throughout inner anxiety. Shes naughty-like, polite, understanding and trustworthy. She can deliver the best service toward her client as much as the best she have to meet your satisfaction standard.


"The Babelicious"

Height : 5'0"

Age: 24

Skills: Swedish, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Lingam, Nuru Massage


Indulge with her superb massage techniques. Shes very natural, talk-less while on therapy session and expect a bright smile in the end. 


"The Lady"

Height: 5'0"

Age: 22

Skills: Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian, Lingam, Nuru


"The CutieBabe"

Height: 5'1"

Age: 22

Skills: Swedish, Shiatsu, Thai, Hawaiian, Lingam, Nuru


Be get relaxed and comfort with her caress  that can manipulate all your inner and outer stress. shes a shy type but  vulnerable, polite and understanding. When she start a massage you will feel the calmness of her touch.


Currently Under Vacation Leave

"The Passionate Girl" 

Height : 5'1"

Skills : Swedish, Thai, Shiatsu, Hawaiian, Trigger point, Lingam, Nuru


Experienced a very authentic and unique relaxing massage worth in your penny. Shes very adorable, smiling face, kind and humble. She will give the best remedy that you deserve.